How does a Twenty20 photo license work?

Our photos come with simple, royalty-free licenses. Once you purchase the license to a photo, you can use it as many times as you need — no additional payment required.

With our standard license, an image can be used:

  • An unlimited number of times digitally
  • Print runs of up to 250,000 items
  • Anywhere in the world

Products for resale are not included in our standard license (t-shirts, greeting cards, posters, screensavers, templates, etc.), but can be included in an extended license. Extended licenses might also include the following:

  • Multiple users
  • Large print runs (over 250,000)

Need extended licensing? We can help. Get in touch at

Images from our community of photographers are approved for commercial use on an individual basis. To learn more about how our photo editors approve photos, check out this article.

What’s the difference between commercial and editorial use? Get started here.

Need more details? Read the full Twenty20 license agreement. 



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