How to Keyword Your Photos

Customers are looking for photos that have keywords like Family, Medical, Christmas, Business, Phone, etc. In order to help customers find your photos, make sure to keyword them appropriately for what is happening or being displayed in the photo. Use the caption to describe the photo, but use keywords to categorize things the photo represents. 

To learn how to Keyword Like A Pro, click here.


How to Add Keywords

On the app:

  • Navigate to your gallery by clicking the bottom right person icon
  • Click on any photo you wish to edit
  • Tap on 'Edit Photo' and then click the blue "Add Keyword" button
  • Type in the keyword you want to add, click "Next" if you want to add multiple keywords


On the website:

  • Click on your username in the top right corner and select "Profile"
  • Click on any photo you wish to edit
  • Underneath the photo choose "Edit" to update keywords and caption


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    But I can't seem to Login on the Laptop Website. I have photos I'd like to use on there as well.

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