What is a Custom Collection?

A Custom Collection is a group of photos curated by the Twenty20 Photo Editors to help you save time and find the content you're looking for. 


Do I have Custom Collections?  Collections come with most levels of Twenty20 subscriptions. To find out if you have access to them check out our different packages here, contact your account manager, or email amteam@twenty20.com.


How many photos come in a Custom Collection? The number of photos will depend on what subscription level you have with Twenty20 and how specific your request is. If you are unsure, contact your account manager or email amteam@twenty20.com.


What can a Collection be of? A collection is a group of photos along a common topic or theme. For example: families outside together, people on cellphones, off-the-beaten-path travel. 


How do I request a Custom Collection? When you need a collection, we need the following information from you: 

1. What do you need photos of?
2. Do you need editorial or commercial photos?
3. Where will these photos be used? (link to the website, social media feed, etc)
4. Show me images you've seen that you're hoping to find more of (attach links).
5. Will you need photos like this on an ongoing basis or just this once?

Send these answers to your account manager or amteam@twenty20.com 


How long does it take to get a Collection? Turnaround time will depend on the volume of requests our team is managing. In general, we need about a week to curate a collection for you. 


What if I need photos right now? Don't worry, there are 45 million photos on Twenty20! To find the right ones for you, use the search feature or peruse the featured collections our team has made in advance that are ready for you to browse and purchase from. You can start saving the photos you find by building your own collection (here is how).


Can I license an entire Collection at once? You sure can, it's an awesome new feature we just built! Click here to read more.


Check out all featured collections here!



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